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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!



Welcome to the Year 6 page. Please take the time to have a look at what we have been doing so far in Year 6 and also what we will be doing as the year progresses. 


Our class teachers are Mrs Jones and Mrs Kirk.  Mrs White and Mr Stainton are our teaching assistants. 


Important information

  • P.E - Wednesday and Friday. 
  • At regular intervals, homework will be handed out. We expect regular homework for times tables, arithmetic, spelling, reading and any other topic-based homework as it comes up. We will have more details of the scheduling of homework soon and we will inform you in good time.
  • The children will be expected to read regularly and complete 3 reading record entries per week - records will come home shortly!
  • Spellings will also be sent home weekly. These should be practised 3 times a week, following the look, cover, write, check format. Learning the word class and definition of each word also adds to our widening vocabulary.


Welcome to our Spring term Project. Hopefully, your children will be plaguing you with facts about this gruesome time in Europe's history. 

PGL: slides from meeting 

Progress and Flourish – or Vanish!

Strategy Station!

As we progress through the Maths curriculum, we will be sharing the things we are doing in class here. The written methods we use and the conceptual understanding necessary will be posted for you and your child to have a look at and help with their mathematical knowledge.

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