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Welcome to the Year 2 Page

Hello and welcome to the Year 2 page.

The Year 2 teachers are Mrs Stevens (Class 2S) and Mrs Davison (Class 2D).

We are both very excited about this year as there are lots of great topics, fun learning and

experiences to be had.

Each term we will add to the website details of the projects we are covering so you can keep up to date with what the children are learning. We will also update the page with learning experiences as they happen so you see what we have been up to.


Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter

A Curriculum newsletter is sent out at the start of each term which has these details too.

Spelling Test day is Monday

Times Table Test day is Wednesday

Homework Book Day is Friday

PE day is Thursday.

Games day is Monday.


Contacting us

Please send in questions or comments using the Home/School Contact book. A member of the Year 2 team will be available on the door at the start and the end of the day for you to pass on any last minute messages. If a longer meeting is required please contact the School Office to arrange this.

Sixties Superstars - How were the 1960's one giant leap for mankind?
Happy Holidays - Where will your dreams take you? Documents

Multiplication, Division and Fractions Maths Workshop Spring Term

Thank you all parents and carers who were able to attend. Here is the booklet that was sent home with the children.

National Science Week Event

Year 2 became NASA scientists for this event as they tested out different materials that could be used as parachutes for the space capsule to safely come back down to Earth. Thank you to all parents and carers who came and supported this event.

Big School Bird Watch - Supporting the RSPB

Year 2 have been busy spotting different birds in the school grounds.

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Year 2 dancing superstars start their Sixties Superstars project

Thank you to all parents and carers for your help with clothes and accessories to helps us to go back in time to the 1960's. Our launch party was a great success. The children are ready to learn more about icon superstar personalities and items from the 1960's that influenced others.

Getting Enterprise Ready!

Year 2 are busy making their items to sell for Enterprise on Friday 6th December. We hope you can join us.

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What a great morning at the Library!

Thank you to Louth Library for inviting us to find out about the library, enjoy a story, make a book character card and choose a book for in school. The Grinch will not spoil Christmas! We absolutely loved it and are looking forward to returning in the Spring Term. 

Kidgate Travel Services is open for business

Thank you to all parents and carers who came to our Year 2 Celebration of Learning. The children were very professional travel agents, using top tips from Rachel at Coop Travel, to plan out holidays with their customers. I think there were some very good deals and the children really showed their learning about places around the world, holidays and travel while making the whole experience as real as possible.

We have been investigating

Year 2 have been busy investigating different materials for holidays. We wanted to find a good material to help keep ice lollies cool on a hot day and we wanted to test out materials to use to make a bag to take to a water park.

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We are now experts!

Thank you to Rachel from Coop Travel for allowing Year 2 to visit you at work and for coming into school to give us some top tips on being expert Travel Agents. We are ready to sell some holidays!

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Thank you HSA

Year 2 were lucky enough to go to Riverhead theatre to watch the play, Moonbeam on a Cat's Ear. We were sat on the edge of our seats. We loved it!

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Maths - Addition and Subtraction Workshop

Thank you to all parents and carers who attended our Maths workshop. Here is our handout which hopefully explains out methods.

Reading Workshop

Thank you to all parents and carers who came in for our Reading Workshop. If you missed it don't worry as there are lots of hints and tips for reading at home in the handout that your child brought home.

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Happy Holidays!

Year 2 have been busy flying on Kidgate Airways, from Louth to their dream holiday destination. What a great way to launch our new Project!

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