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Kidgate School Logo

Kidgate Primary Academy

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

Vision & Mission Statement

Vision & Mission Statement




“Provide children with confidence, self-awareness and

an ability to adapt to the changing world.”



Mission Statement:


‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’






  • Embrace children’s knowledge and understanding of technology and provide opportunities to develop skills and understanding in the dynamic digital age.


Economic Enterprise

  • Provide children with opportunities, experiences and skills which develop their financial understanding and ensure a foundation for their economic well-being.



  • Place the school firmly at the centre of the community through collaborative working with parents and local organisations.



  • Inspire children to reach their full potential in a caring and safe environment where they thrive socially, emotionally and academically.



  • Enable children to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and to work individually and collaboratively to develop their skills across the curriculum.



  • Encourage children to have respect for others and their environment through an increasing understanding of personal responsibility.



Academy Expectations:


We will learn with pride, passion, and perseverance.

We will act with thought, respect and understanding.

We will listen with attention, courtesy and follow instructions.

We will speak with kindness, compassion and honesty.

We will play with care, consideration and inclusion.