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Year 1

Hello and a Warm Welcome to the Year 1 Page!


The Year 1 teachers are Miss Olsen (1H), Mrs Blair and Mrs Coppin (1BC).


Other members of our Year 1 team are Mrs Richardson and Mrs Riley.


The children will also be lucky enough to have Miss Giles teaching them too within the week.


Throughout the year, we will be embarking on lots of thrilling projects & exciting experiences within our learning. We will share our learning journey and update the website with details of our current topic.

We will be sure to show you what we have been enjoying and been proud of!


Key Days:

  • P.E/Games - Tuesday and Wednesday.


Contacting Us:

If you have any questions or information you would like to share, please use the Home School Contact Book. At the start and end of the day, two members of the Year 1 team will be available to communicate any matters. Please feel free to ask any questions, no matter how big or small, and we will be more than happy to help. If you require a longer discussion, please contact the School Office to arrange a meeting with us.

Superhero Me!


For the first few weeks of Year 1, we have been all getting to know each other, and we have been thinking about how we are all different and all 'Superheroes'! We have also been 'Busy Bees', exploring ways in which we can be super in the classroom, outside and all around Kidgate.


Alongside other activties, we have been busy exploring independent challenges. We have been writing superhero messages, acting and fixing superheros in our Doctor's Surgery and creating lego Superhero lairs. Here are a few pictures to share with you.



A few of our 'Superhero' activties

A few of our 'Superhero' activties 1
A few of our 'Superhero' activties 2
A few of our 'Superhero' activties 3
A few of our 'Superhero' activties 4
A few of our 'Superhero' activties 5
A few of our 'Superhero' activties 6

Exploring our Year 1 Outdoor Environment


As part of settling into Year 1, we have been using our outdoor enviroment. We have been washing cars, making 'Superhero' strengthing potions, celebrating each other's performances on our starry stage and using the chalk to create patterns and pictures on the playground. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Planning and decorating our 'Busy Beehive'


We have been 'Busy Bees' developing our Busy Beehive in Year 1. We are so impressed with the bees that the children have all created at home over the Summer - we have loved sharing these! Well done everyone! We have been creating some more bees at school too.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Let's Explore!


We are so excited because we are starting our new project, 'Let's Explore!'

We cannot wait to begin this so we can learn about where the children have explored. We can also discover places together. 


Please see our 'Knowledge Organiser' and 'Curriculum Newsletter' for this project below.

Let's get started on...Let's Explore!


To begin our project, we were all invited to join Eddy (our class bear) for a picnic. We had to take our teddies with us to follow clues so we could find out where Eddy was hiding.


Eventually, after working as a team, we found him! 

Here we all are, enjoying a drink and biscuits on our picnic.

Let's Explore...our own islands!


We have been busy, working in groups, to make our own islands. We made the islands out of a range of materials and we each chose how we wanted to show our island. Some of us chose to display them through lego, pictures, sand, boxes, natural materials and some of us even wrote and spoke about them. We have been particularly thinking about geopraphical language to decscibe our islands. Some of us included cliffs, ports, tall buildings, roads, beaches and other physical and human features. 


Heroes from the Past


We are very excited to be beginning our new Project- 'Heroes from the Past'. We will be investigating the question, 'What was life like in the past?'


We will begin with finding out about the 'Fire of London' and then after February half term, we will focus our learning on Medieval times (with a focus on castles), finishing the project off with a trip to Lincoln Castle.


Please find our Curriulum Newsletter and Knowledge Organiser attached below.

Keep checking on here for updates of our learning throughout this project too!

Fire! Fire


We have been learning all about 'The Great Fire of London'. We even met Samuel Peyps and had the Pudding Bakery in our classroom! We wrote about Samuel Peyps' life and acted out his life during the fire.


Picture 1

Who's been cheeky in the classrooms?


One Monday morning, we arrived to school to find the classroom looking like this...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
We were not very happy with the wolf that had messed up our classrooms. Unfortunately, when we got to school he was GONE! Therefore we all decided to write some posters to describe the wolf and place them all around school. We are hoping that anyone who finds this cheeky wolf will come forward to tell us. Keep your eyes peeled!
We wrote about the wolf together. Here's a few of our ideas of how to describe the wolf.

Can you build a roof to finish the 'Three Little Pigs' house?


We were asked to make a waterproof, windproof and strong roof for the roof of the 'Three Little Pigs' house. First of all, we had to name materials we had around the classroom and think about the properties of these materials.





We predicted that the wood would be the best material for the roof as we thought it would be strong, windproof and waterproof. Here we are testing the materials.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We were right! The wood was the best material!


Year 1 have been super busy adding a little bit of colour to Kidgate Primary Academy with Mrs Richardson.

We hope this makes you feel brighter and brings a smile to your face just like it did ours!