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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 


Hello and welcome to the Year 4 class page. The Year 4 teachers are Miss Andrews, Mrs Collingwood and Mr Fieldsend (trainee teacher). We are also supported by Mrs Cooper, Mrs Bourne and Mrs Ireland. We will be updating our class page regularly, giving you snapshots of our every day learning in class and any special events we may hold. 


Important Information

- Our PE sessions are on Mondays and Tuesdays

- Children can change library books on a Wednesday

- Homework:

- Times Tables: Children will have a personal times tables test each Monday based on an in class assessment

- Spelling: Each Tuesday, the children will have a spelling test based on the words from the Year 4 spelling curriculum

- Reading: Children will be expected to read regularly at home, completing their reading record with a minimum of 3 entries per week. Reading records will be handed in on a Monday and returned the same day.

Home Learning- Here you will find photographs of a range of activities completed by children at home.

March - Mrs Burton, a dental nurse. visited year 4 to discuss the importance of looking after our teeth. She taught us how to brush our teeth correctly and spoke to us about food and drinks that were healthy and unhealthy for our teeth. Mrs Burton also told us about how she became a dental nurse and shared what she enjoyed about her job.

February - Year 4 children had an enjoyable trip to The Collection Museum in Lincoln, where they learned all about the history of Roman Lincoln. The trip included a Roman shopping experience, where the children had to plan and buy a meal for a family of five, a tour of the museum where the children learned about the job of an archaeologist and a trip to Posterngate, where a Roman wall had been discovered underground.

February - Year 4 welcomed Lab Rascals to deliver a workshop involving dry ice. Children experimented with creating dry ice clouds and bubbles, as well as investigating pH levels. The children were all amazed by the results of their experiments.

February - Year 4 have been celebrating British Science Week, which this year has been focusing on "Our Diverse Planet." Parents came into our classrooms to help us study and classify invertebrates. Working collaboratively, the children and parents made some invertebrate hotels in plant pots using a range of natural materials. The invertebrate hotels have now been placed in the wildlife area and the year 4 children will be studying them closely to see if they get any visitors!

January - Year 4 took part in a bird watch within the school grounds. Mrs Jackson visited the children to teach them all about how to identify various species of birds and talked about similarities and differences between them. The children went into the outdoor area and counted the numbers of different bird species they could see. The bird watch was part of a wider national study to monitor the numbers of wild birds in the UK.

January - As part of our project work, we have been looking at the hierarchy within Roman society. We used our detective skills to work out the roles of various Roman citizens and ordered these roles from the least to the most important. Everyone was given a role to adopt at the beginning of the lesson and by the end we all found out where we would have fit in within the hierarchy of Roman society!

January - For our Learning Launch for our topic 'Radical Romans', the Year 4 children were tasked with locating some Roman artefacts in the outdoor area. They had to study the artefacts closely and identify any clues that told them about what Roman life might have been like.

December- The children had a fantastic time designing, manufacturing and selling their products on Enterprise day.

November- As part of our Inventions Project, we visited a local business, Micronclean, in Louth. We found out how the business works and listened to a talk from one of the inventors at the company. The children had a fantastic time and came back to school ready to begin inventing products for Enterprise day!

November- As part of our R.E. work on Hinduism, the children took part in an Indian experience day. They had a fantastic time finding out about some of the Hindu Gods and learning some traditional Indian dances.

October- As part of our Science work, the children have been learning all about electricity. They enjoyed learning about mains and battery powered electricity and making their own lighthouse.

October- As part of our R.E. learning, the children visited a Mosque, in Grimsby, to find out more about the Islamic faith. The children enjoyed going on a tour of a Mosque and writing their names in Arabic.

September- For our learning launch, the children became inventors and designed their own product to help adults and children around the home. The children had a fantastic time and could confidently explain how the inventions worked.

September- The children had a great first week in Year 4. On Friday afternoon, they worked as part of team to try and build the tallest tower. The winner's tower was 40cm high.