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‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

What our Parents are Saying...

British Science Week 2019


Parents and carers were invited in to join in with our British Science Week, with the theme of 'Journeys'.  The children (and adults!) had a brilliant time!



“Science week is brilliant.  Lovely to come in to work with my daughter and spend time learning with her and she was so pleased to see me.  Definitely would love more events like this.  Thank you.”

“A fantastic hour of science experiments, we particularly enjoyed making the bridge and will be having the butter on our toast for breakfast.  Thank you!  You all do a grand job!”

“Who needs to go to the gym when you get to make butter for science week!!  Awesome fun!!”


Year 1

“An enjoyable experience interacting with my son with activities he is genuinely interested in.  He enjoys sticking things together!”.

“Lots of fun making and testing parachutes and marble runs.  Think all the kids and parents were really enjoying themselves.”

“Excellent activities.  All children and parents are on task learning activities achieved and all with a productive, successful outcome.  All pupils interacting socially and enjoying the activities.”


Year 2

“Fantastic engagement, loved every minute.  Thank you for allowing parents to be involved.”

“I enjoyed helping with the task and testing them.  Good fun.”

“Great activity, lovely atmosphere in the classroom – behaviour of the children was brilliant.  Even those whose parents could not attend engaged well with the activities.”


Year 3

“Lots of fun finding lots of ways to make static electricity and what would work.  Really nice to see the children getting so excited and trying the experiments.”

“Excellent – wonderful for the children.  Very important to learn from these tasks.  Had a lovely time.”


Year 4

“A very lovely morning of different experiments.  I worked with three children – who showed good initiative, worked together well and came up with lots of ideas.  They enjoyed designing their own paper aeroplanes and developed some great designs! “
“Really enjoyed today, the children remembered everything they have learnt – the volcano was the highlight!”

“Good to work with them and see the type of things they are learning about in school.”


Year 5

“Fun activity for all to join in.  Nice group work so no child needs to be left out.  Teachers encouragement/questioning throughout was very helpful.”

“Good group work and thought to balance the Mars Rover.  Enjoyed seeing the communication between the children and great designs!”

“Amazing to see the children have such fun and working together.  The children’s knowledge of space is fantastic.”


Year 6

“Really lovely to come and see everyone being so creative, working as a team and having fun!”

“Really enjoyed coming into the classroom and getting involved!  Great fun!”

“What a fun exercise that was.  I think all of the children enjoyed it (the adults did!).”