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Kidgate Primary Academy

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

Academy Council

Elections in October 2023 has given us a new set of Academy Councillors. Chair of Governors, Darren Hobson, has proudly presented the new Councillors with their Golden sweatshirts.

Academy Council have interviewed Mr Lidbury. They had lots of questions about their current project, The Bake Sale. There were many good questions about life in school and our community too.

Darren Hobson, former Mayor of Louth, did us a great honour by presenting the new Academy Council members with their golden sweatshirts recently. The sweatshirts really stand out and enable the Academy Council to be found by their peers if they have issues to discuss or questions to ask.

The older children in the Academy Council have added words to the decorated Meridian Line Statue. The words reflect our Academy and our Community.

The Results are in: Here are the new Academy Councillors.

Elections 2022: There are very brave children at Kidgate, putting themselves forward to be candidates for the Academy Council. They have campaigned hard with posters all around the Academy and the children having the opportunity to give speeches to their classmates.


Thank you to our Academy Councillors. Although your term in office was extended due to COVID, you completed your project and Key Stage 2 children were able to take part in their own Mini Olympics.  Well done to Academy Council 2019 - 2022.

May 2022 Visit to the Louth Town Council Sessions House. We are very grateful to Mayor Hobson for the invitation, a very informative guided tour and an inspiring description of the job of Mayor. Thank you.

The Academy Council also got to sit in the Mayor's chair.


March 2022

The Academy Council has reformed and is ready to continue with their project of having our own Olympics at Kidgate.

It will be slightly different than originally planned but the children will still get to take part in a range of events and experience different sports here in school.

New Project 2019-22 Academy Council


Our next project is Kidgate 2020.

This is our own mini-Olympics style event.

So far all the classes have had the chance to vote for different sports and now we have a top ten.

These are the sports that the Olympics competitions will be for.

  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Basket Ball
  • Dodge Ball
  • Golf
  • Dancing
  • Running
  • Obstacle Course
  • Frisbee
  • Tennis

Busy already!

KS2 Academy Councillors have already been busy collecting the donations for Children in Need. Thank you to all children, parents and carers who made donations.

New Academy Council

Thank you to Mayor of Louth, Fran Treanor and his Serjeant at Arms for coming into school for a special assembly to start the term in office of our new Academy Councillors. Thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to attend and see their children review their golden sweatshirts ready for their year ahead.

Elections October 2019

The new school year has brought new candidates, new campaigns and new speeches.

Voting has taken place and we now wait for the results.

Watch this space!

Summer Term Update

Back to the Past was a huge success. All children found out about school life in the past and even learnt about what Kidgate School was like in the past.

Thank you for all the Academy Council to parents and carers who helped the children to celebrate our Back to the Past Day.

This year's Academy Council have done a fantastic job with all their tasks and they have helped to make the year finish in style.

Thank you.


Spring Term Update

The Academy Council have been busy researching clothing from 100 years ago so we can give some ideas of what we should all wear. The Council reps have been holding meetings in class to see which playground games from the past the children would like to play. The next step is to find out about what lessons we can teach for our Academy Council Project Back to the Past.

Collecting money for Red Nose Day/Comic Relief.

Autumn Term Update

The Academy Council have asked their classes for suggestions for a project for their year of office. The meetings have given lots of suggestions. The Academy Council voted and decided on a project about Kidgate in the past - Back to the Past.

The next job is to find out what it was like to be at school here in the past.

The Academy Council have been busy helping with collecting all the donations for Children in Need. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Many thanks to the Mayor of Louth and Sargent at Arms you presented the new Academy Councillors with their Golden Sweatshirts. What a proud moment!

Academy Councillors are busy at work. The first steps to deciding on a new project.

Here are the new Academy Councillors.

2018-19 Elections

Thank you to all the children who put themselves forward as Academy Council candidates. They have worked hard campaigning, making posters and giving speeches. 

The elections were held on the 2nd of October and the results were announced on the 8th of October.

The official inauguration will be on the 12th November when the new Academy Councillors will be presented with their golden sweatshirts. And then the hard work starts!

Great Kidgate Bake Off

What a great time we had baking in June and July. The project was an absolute success. All children in all year groups had the opportunity to make or create something to eat. There were pizzas, pancakes, sandwiches, waffles and meringues. The judging was tricky but Mr Lidbury, Mrs Hopwood and Mrs Hallion all helped out. They looked for something healthy included, neat presentation and if it looked yummy! When all the making, creating, tasting and judging had been completed then it was time for the winners. Star Bakers were named from each class and presented with a Star Baker apron. Thank you to all the children who took part and well done to all the Academy Council for a great project from start to finish. 

Mrs Davison.

Donations of Cooking Equipment

Thank you to all the parents and carers who have donated cooking equipment to help to kick start our new project, Kidgate Cooks.

The Academy Council Reps are busy writing letters to chefs to see if they can help with our project too.

Sports Relief

Academy Council Reps help collect all the donations for Sports Relief.

New Project

The Academy Council have been voting. They have made a decision about a new project, it is called Get Baking. They think this is the next step following the success of Get Growing. They are hoping to start using the produce that we grow and other ingredients to bake, cook and prepare food more often in school.

How they are going to achieve this? Well watch this space!

Children in Need

The Academy Council braved the cold to help to collect the donations for Children in Need. Thank you to everyone who donated towards this worthy charity.

The Official inauguration of our

new Academy Council


On Monday the 13th November we had a visit from the Mayor of Louth (Mrs Watson) and her Sergeant at Arms. The Mayor kindly answered questions about her role and told the children about how she was elected.

The new Academy Council Representatives were handed their golden jumpers ready to start their new roles. 

What a success the project has been!

This is what the garden looks like before the harvesting of the crops begins. More to follow when we know what the crops we have.

Get Growing Project

Well the project is certainly underway now. Big thank you to Mr Sharp who made the new raised beds, they are fantastic. Also a very big thank you to all the volunteers who helped to move all the soil into the raised beds ready for the classes to use. What will be planted? It's up to the children to decide.