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Welcome to Year 3

Hello and welcome to the Year 3 page!  Our teachers are Miss Morrow and Miss Dowlman, and our teaching assistants are Mrs Willson and Mrs Twigg. We also have support from Miss Meggett.


Come and check our page regularly to see our adventures as we begin our KS2 journey.


Important Information

- Our PE sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This half term, children in 3M will be going swimming on Tuesday afternoons.

- Children can change library books on a Thursday, during our library session

- Homework:

   - Times Tables: Children will have a personal times tables test each Friday based on an in class assessment

   - Spelling: Each Friday, the children will have a spelling test based on the words from the Year 3 spelling
     curriculum. In addition to this, please continue to practise the high frequency words and year 3-4 spellings
     that are sent home at the start of each term.

  - Reading: Children will be expected to read regularly at home, completing their reading record with a
    minimum of 3 entries per week. Reading records will be handed in and checked on a Monday.

We have had a very special day together, playing games, having fun, and making our own pharaoh collars.

Your completed masterpieces! The children loved painting the gold wash then building up their headdresses and adding their own cartouche. We'll turn these into a display for you to show everyone on your return to school.

Today, we have applied our new colour mixing skills to paint our headdresses.

Through using paints, we have learnt about primary and secondary colours. We are going to use our newly learnt colour mixing skills to help us to complete our own pharaoh's headdresses.

By acting as tiny teachers, we have been improving our mathematical understanding during retrieval sessions.

By acting as tiny teachers, we have been improving our mathematical understanding during retrieval sessions. 1

We have taken inspiration from our learning about Ancient Egypt to design our own pharaoh style headdress.

The children have had a lovely time at Louth Library today. From a hieroglyphic hunt to creating a pharaoh's death mask and pyramid, the children have really enjoyed it. They then got to choose a book that they will keep in the classroom, which they have already enjoyed sharing with their friends.

We learned the process of mummification through role play. We mummified Jessica and Maude, following all of the steps, then wrote our own detailed instructions using the skills we have been developing in our English lessons.

To help us to understand how our muscles work, we have worked in pairs to demonstrate how our arms move by making models. We also learnt that muscles can only pull, not push, and we can feel this happening by placing our hand over our bicep when we move our arm.

This week, we have been learning how to use a ruler to accurately measure lengths in cm and mm.

We have had a lovely afternoon celebrating British Science Week. Our adults helped us to take part in investigations and art activities which allowed us to explore how diverse our class is. As we are all different, we are all unique - this means that we are all special.

We have been learning about our bodies, and the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates.

This week, we have become Egyptologists, and have used our research skills to find out about many famous Pharaohs. We have also learnt about the roles of pharaohs and slaves, and decided which of these we would have liked to have been. Surprisingly, many of the children decided they would rather be a slave than a pharaoh!

We have LOVED our project this term - here are some of our names in hieroglyphs.

This week, we have been learning about why the pyramids were built. To do this, we worked in pairs to create 3D factfiles, using pyramids that we had made.

We have been developing our dictionary skills recently, whilst also building our understanding of the Years 3-4 word list.

Year 3 went to the Farmhouse Breakfast Week at the Lincolnshire Showground. We had a fun time making different sorts of breakfasts and learning where the ingredient had come from. We made porridge, sausage and cheese muffins and an omelette.

What an exciting afternoon we have had working together to build shadufs. We even tested them out and they all worked, watering our classroom plants!

We have been learning about how we can use our known multiplication facts to help us to solve related calculations. For example, knowing 3X4 can help us to solve 30X4 and 3X40. Knowing their number fact families also helps us to work out related division problems.

We have had a fantastic learning launch at The Collection in Lincoln. We took part in four activities: mummification, the Big Dig, were actors in a play to tell the story of Osiris, and made either a paddle doll or a sarcophagus in the crafts time. We have learnt lots about Ancient Egypt today, and can't wait to find out even more!

Walk Like an Egyptian! What an exciting introduction to our new project we have had! This afternoon, we became historians, finding out lots of information about the Ancient Egyptians. We also asked lots of questions, were archaeologists looking for artefacts in sand, and we even got to explore a spooky tomb using torches! We're looking forward to our trip tomorrow so that we can find out even more about the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.

Y3 have been learning about businessman, Walt Disney. They have planned and designed rollercoasters and their perseverance was impressive!

Many thanks to the parents who attended the spelling workshop this week. The children really enjoyed sharing the activities that we use in school with you and have been looking forward to using them with you at home in the future.

We have been looking at how an author's word choices can influence us. This is an extract from Dick King-Smith's 'The Finger-Eater': "He was hump-backed and bow-legged, with a frog-face and bat-ears and razor-sharp teeth.But he grew up (though, like all other trolls, not very tall) with an extremely bad habit - he liked to eat fingers!" Here is what we thought the Finger-Eater looked like, before we saw the book!

Look at all of the three digit numbers we have made. 3D can tell you how many hundreds, tens and ones are in a 3 digit number!

Today, we have had our learning launch for our new project: You're Hired! Quality or Quantity? As a part of this, we walked into town to see how many businesses we could find. We also spoke to some shopkeepers to find out about the skills they need to run a successful business.

We have been exploring magnetism this afternoon. We learnt that magnets have a north pole and a south pole, that opposite poles attract whilst the same poles repel each other, and that not all materials are magnetic.

We have been practising our using ruler, colouring and scissor skills this week to make snakes. We had great fun!