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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 page. Please take the time to have a look at what we have been doing so far in Year 5 and also what we will be doing as the year progresses. 


Our class teachers are Mrs Rhodes, Mrs Misodi plus Miss Deakins and Mrs Iveson (who are both on maternity leave now). Mrs Parrinder is our teaching assistant. 


Keep practising your times tables and number bonds. Being able to recall facts instantly will make longer calculations so much easier!

Year 5's Home Learning!

Elena's super rainforest layers poster
Elena's funky angles rainforest cafe sign
Lucas's awesomely angular rainforest cafe
Olly's fabulous, friendly tribal mask
Ryan's proud of these... what are you proud of?
Elena's design... see the next picture too
Elena's final tribes mask, superb!
Charlie's terrifying tribal mask
Lucas's fantastic maths
Elena's home reading record, still going strong!
Tas's wonderful rainforest creature
Bradley's truly magnificent t-shirt design!
Lucas's tribal mask design, good work!
Harry's top-notch angle work
Olly's cool t-shirt design
Alex's stunning rainforest poster
Harry's highly persuasive letter
Elena's strongly evidenced persuasive letter
Alex's awesome t-shirt design
Ryan's powerful t-shirt design
Excellent rainforest work from Lucas
Lucas's brilliant rainforest arguments
Libby is acing her times tables!
Libby's super chocolate diary entry
Bradley's dazzling diary entry!
Lucas's marvellous maths!
Harry's Super Rainforest Foods!
Cian is proud of his amazing diary entry!
Cian's chocolate diary entry... impressive!
Alex's cacao bean comic strip
Elena's brilliant bean diary entry
Lucas's super rainforest work
Elena's home reading - are you reading daily too?
Suchi's rainforest creature
Lucas's DT work - delicious cooking!
Can you beat Suchi's challenge score and time?
I love these embedded clauses!
Alex's magnificent rainforest creature
Elena's beautiful rainforest scene
Harry's excellent work
Henry's splendid tiger description
More great work
Fantastic comprehension
Ryan's superb work
Not homework, but such a cute puppy!
A beautiful bird by Harriet
Rupert's wonderful rainforest work
Alina's heartwarming poem
Louie's intriguing rainforest creature. Great work
Harry's superb work on the Congo.
Ryan's super (yet terrifying) rainforest creature
Ryan's excellent expanded noun phrases.
Olly's great rainforest writing
Bradley's rainforest information poster

A musical treat from our very own maestro, Max!

Still image for this video
This is absolutely brilliant, well done Max.

Olly's super Lego animation!

Still image for this video
Olly has worked really hard to create this excellent skating animation. We're so impressed with your creativity, Olly!

Oliver's Super Space Fact File-Great Work Oliver!

Year 5 Science Morning: Year 5 had a very enjoyable morning designing and making blow rockets and investigating forces. We were very lucky to be joined by parents and carers.

Year 5 have had a very exciting afternoon. Everyone has been through tough Space Academy training.

Investigating Louth's flood defences.

Bridge Building: Wow what an experience. We experimented with structures to make our very own bridge the size of the school hall!

We have enjoyed locating local rivers and rivers of the world. We have used maps and atlases.

This week we have continued our exploration of materials and their properties and have been looking at filtering!

We have been using electrical circuits today to classify materials' properties. We investigated to see whether a material was a conductor.

This week Year 5 have been learning all about the importance of chalk streams, especially our very own Lud. We were visited by Will from 'The Lincolnshire Chalk streams Project' who shared his knowledge about these types of rivers. We had first hand experience of pond dipping and visited Hubbard's Hills for the morning where we investigated the river Lud and observed its many organisms!

Spring Project: Mission to Mars-Houston, do we have a problem?

Autumn Term project: Go with the Flow - What is the legacy of the Lud?