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‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’


Welcome to Reception...

We are the youngest children at Kidgate and we all work together in Foundation Stage with

Mrs Maltman, Miss Skipworth, Miss Barber, Mrs Richardson and Mrs Hollidge.


Keep visiting this page to see how we learn and the exciting new things we will be discovering!


EYFS Summer term newsletter - Gardener's World

We have been talking about how and why Christians choose to celebrate Easter. We decorated eggs and had an egg rolling competition on the school field. We tried some yummy hot cross buns and talked about what they symbolise. We also had a visit from a special bunny who lead us on a hunt all around school following some tricky clues!

We all enjoyed getting to know our EYFS chicks before they went back to enjoy life on the farm. We can talk about the life cycle of a chick!

This week we have hand-churned our very own butter. We used double cream, which we know comes from the cows on the farm, and had to shake, shake, shake our jars, until eventually the cream turned to butter. We then toasted some crumpets and enjoyed tasting the butter we had made.

We have been busy designing and building our very own farm in the construction area. Lots of teamwork and great ideas!

We have had a special arrival in EYFS. Ten eggs and an incubator! We are going to watch the eggs closely for 21 days until they begin to hatch. We know that the incubator keeps the eggs warm like a mummy hen. We can't wait to meet our chicks!

We have been talking about how and why some people choose to celebrate Shrove Tuesday by eating pancakes. We know that all of the ingredients in pancake mix come from the farm! We learnt a song about pancakes and made our own pancakes to try. We chose our topping at sat and at them all together. Yum yum! In PE we took part in pancake races.

We have been celebrating British Science Week this week in EYFS. The theme for this year’s Science Week is ‘Growing’. As healthy humans we wash our hands, brush our teeth, eat healthy snacks, drink water, exercise every day, keep our bodies clean, and catch our coughs and sneezes.

We talked about how we are all living things, and we are all growing as children in Reception. We talked about our features and body parts and took part in a ‘Drawing Partners’ activity, where we sat facing a friend and looked at them carefully, drawing a portrait of them and labelling their body parts.

We have talked about other living things such as plants, food and crops. Everybody has planted their own pot of cress seeds and we have planted bulbs in our window boxes. We now know what the seeds will need to grow; warmth, light and water. We are going to look after the seeds and help them to grow. We have also planted tomatoes, strawberries and mint in small pots, which we can eventually move outside to our school garden. We can’t wait watch our plants grow and become sources of food. We will learn more about growing this term as we continue to find out all about life ‘Down on the Farm’.

One of the children in EYFS made this fabulous Hedgehog Hotel at home this weekend. We are so impressed!

We have been busy baking hedgehog bread rolls in the Kidgate Kitchen this week with Mrs Hollidge. Yum yum!

We have been learning about owls this week. The children have learnt lots of fascinating facts, even researching with their grown ups at home and bringing more facts back to school! We carefully followed step by step instructions to draw our own owls. Aren't they wonderful? One of the children in our class even went home and drew an owl from memory. Wow!!

This is not a stick it's a... the children used their imagination to choose what their stick could be!

We came to school in our pyjamas with our favourite bedtime story for our Learning Launch. We had lots of fun using our imagination with our sticks. A stick can be so many things...

Our project for Spring term 1 is While we are Sleeping. We will find out all about nocturnal animals, hibernation, night and day and people who help us during the night.

We have been learning about the meaning of Advent. In EYFS we have an Advent Act of Kindness each day, where we think about a way we can be kind to the people around us. We also have an Advent story sack. Each day we open the parcel to reveal the book and share a Christmas story together at home time. The books then stay on our special Christmas book shelf, where the children can choose to read them throughout the day.

We have been talking about how and why some people choose to celebrate Christmas. In EYFS we have made a Christmas tree out of recycled cardboard boxes. The children then designed and coloured in their own baubles to stick onto the tree; all special and unique!

Fine motor fun.... matching numeral to quantity using pompoms and tweezers.

We have been inspired by the work of the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. We looked carefully at photographs of his work. We collected Autumn leaves and made our own leaf collage pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

This week we have been learning about Remembrance and why people choose to wear a poppy on 11th November. We carefully followed steps to paint our own poppy pictures for our display. We also created poppies using loose parts. We talked about the word respect and the children observed a minutes silence a 11am on November 11th.

We have been talking about why some people choose to celebrate Diwali, The Festival of Light. The children carefully moulded clay to make their own Diva lamps, and decorated it using small beads. We have also been busy making Diwali sweets in the Kidgate Kitchen, rolling the ingredients into a ball and leaving them to set.

We had lots of fun during our 'pumpkin week' in EYFS. We explored pumpkins using our senses and talked about what we discovered. We then worked as a team to scoop out the flesh and blended it to make pumpkin puree. We then got busy in our Kidgate Kitchen and used the pumpkin puree to make delicious pumpkin muffins.

We have been collecting Autumn leaves from our school garden. There are lots of signs of Autumn all around us!

We have talked about why some people choose to remember on 5th November. We made a firework painting in the style of Jackson Pollock.

We have been talking about our senses this week. The children have enjoyed listening games, smelly pot activities, describing the food that we taste, exploring textures and discussing all the wonderful things we can see. We have also talked about how some people may not be able to use one of their senses, and different ways we can help them. We learnt some signing in makaton, talked about the importance of guide dogs and how some people use braille to read.

Printing with harvested fruit and vegetables...

We have harvested apples from our school garden and used them to make delicious apple pies in the Kidgate Kitchen. Yum yum!

We have been using fruit and vegetables to make self-portraits, in the style of the Italian artist Arcimboldo.


What a fantastic start to the new academic year it has been in the EYFS. The children in Reception have settled in beautifully. The children are happy and confident in their new environment, and making lots of new friends.

This half term the project is 'All About Me'. The children have been taking part in a variety of activities exploring themselves, their homes and families.

The children have particularly enjoyed role playing in the home corner, strengthening the muscles in their hands with 'funky fingers' activities and exploring in our outdoor classroom…

Mathematics in the Early Years at Kidgate


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