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Kidgate Primary Academy

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’


Mini Police with their RAK cards ready to spread kindness everywhere!Random Act of Kindness Project


Following a KS2 Assembly led by PC Standbrook about Random Acts of Kindness, 20 children from Year 3- 6 were chosen to become Secret Agents for a very special secret mission. Their task was to write down all of the kind things they had done over a week and we were blown away by the outcome- kindness really is infectious! 


After that, the Mini Police came to visit KS1 and EYFS to tell them about their secret mission and encourage them to start their own secret mission of kindess!



Year 6 worked with our Mini Police on Friday, thinking about diversity and challenging ideas about what this means.

At home time today, the Mini Police (with the help of PCSO Drake) issued a couple of 'parking tickets' as a reminder to keep the roads as safe as possible for all children at Kidgate!