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Kidgate Primary Academy

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

Pupil Welcome

Pupil Welcome


When you start a new school it can be daunting. However, here at Kidgate Primary Academy we help people in all aspects of learning and school life, for example: friendship skills, respecting others, manners, positive attitudes, perseverance and team building.


All adults in the school are understanding, kind, respectful and encouraging. They give us opportunities to learn, grow and be the best that we can be.


We are proud of our school and are always pleased to share it with visitors, so if you are thinking of joining us, or are just visiting for the day, we would love to show you around. There are lots more things that we could tell you about, but we’d love you to come and see for yourselves.




Year 6 Academy Council Representatives