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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 


Hello and welcome to the Year 4 class page. The Year 4 teachers are Miss Andrews and Mrs Stevens. We are supported by Mrs Willson. We will be updating our class pages regularly, giving you snapshots of our every day learning in class and any special events we may hold. 


Important Information

- Our PE sessions are on Wednesdays and Thursdays

- Children can change library books on a Wednesday, during our library session

- Homework:

- Times Tables: Children will have a personal times tables test each Thursday based on an in class assessment

- Spelling: Each Wednesday, the children will have a spelling test based on the words from the Year 4 spelling curriculum

- Reading: Children will be expected to read regularly at home, completing their reading record with a minimum of 3 entries per week. Reading records will be handed in on a Wednesday and returned on a Thursday.


Summer Term Project- Learning Launch. For our new project, Community Connections, the children visited Louth Town Centre to see what facilities are available for people to use. While there, the children also visited Hunters Estate Agents to find out why people want to come and live in Louth.

April 2019- Visit from a Dental Nurse. As part of our recent Science work on Teeth and Digestion, the children were visited by a dental nurse. She showed the children how to brush their teeth correctly and explained what her job involves. The chldren were also given the opportunity to dress up and role play working in a dentist surgery!

Celebration of Learning- The children had a fantastic morning showing family and friends around their very own Kidgate museum. Thank you to parents and carers for helping the children create some fantastic Roman artefacts!

VR Experience- As part of our Radical Romans project, the children travelled back in time to experience a range of Roman activities. A great time had by everyone (including the teachers!)

British Science Week- The children had a great morning working with family and friends to explore a number of journey related activities and investigations.

Volcanoes! As part of our Geography work, the children have learnt about volcanoes and the impact of the Mount Vesuvius eruption on the City of Pompeii. Here, the children are using mod roc to create their own volcanoes.

March 2019- The children have created some fantastic Roman artefacts for their homework projects. They are looking forward to sharing them with family and friends at the end of the project!

March 2019- The children enjoyed observing real and replica artefacts from The Collection Museum, in Lincoln. The children used their knowledge of the Romans to think what the artefact was, who would have used it, what it would have been used for and what it told us about the past.

February 2019- RSPB Birdwatching. The children were visited by Mrs Jackson who helped the children to identify different types of bird. The children enjoyed birdwatching in the school grounds.

January- Magna School Trip. The children had a fantasic day out at Magna, developing their solids, liquids and gas knowledge.

January- Radical Romans Learning Launch. Today, the children enjoyed searching for replica Roman artefacts around the school grounds, using a map to help them locate the different items.

December- The children have been busy working hard on their Enterprise products this week!

December- Lewis and Isabella enjoyed decorating the Kidgate Christmas tree with other children from KS1 and KS2.

November- As part of our R.E. work on Hinduism, the children were visited by Mrs Patel who gave the children an insight into Hindu life. The children enjoyed dressing up in traditional Indian clothing and taking part in a range of activities.

November- As part of our Project work, the children researched the animator Nick Park. The children followed the same process Nick uses in his work before finishing with creating their own short film, using the app 'Stop Motion'.

October- Outdoor Classroom Learning. In celebration of outdoor classroom day on the 1st November, the children worked outside to observe the nature in the school grounds. The children also created 'houses' for wildlife using natural materials and wrote about it in their English information texts.

September- Religious Education Trip- As part of our R.E. learning, the children visited a Mosque, in Grimsby. The children were given a tour around, found out more about the Islamic faith and were even able to write their name in Arabic.

September- Inventions Project Entry Point. The children had a fantastic day designing and inventing, following the instructions of our Factory Manager.

September- Team Building Activity - As part of the children getting to know each other, they were asked to build either the tallest or strongest tower using a range of different materials. The children enjoyed building and although some did fall over, the children quickly rebuilt them!

Curriculum Map- Autumn Term