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What our Parents are Saying...

                                            Christmas Performances


    Reception- "Brilliant Reception."

                       "Absolutly fantastic,well done."

                       "Well done all (including teachers and helpers)."

                       " Fab kids."

    Year 1- "It was lovely."

                 "Well done kids, you were fab."

                 " Well done year 1, brilliant play."

                 " Awesome year 1, well done."

    Year 2- " Lovely singing,enjoyed it."

                 " Brilliant, children were ace."

                 "Fantastic-really enjoyed it, the songs were great and they all looked wonderful."


    Year 3-"Brilliant, year 3 were fab."

                "Feeling lovely and Christmassy."

                "Well done,  I cried."

                "This made Christmas for us, well done."

    Year 4- "Fantastic singing."

                 "Year 4 rocks ! "

                 "Awesome performance."

                 "Great year 4 . All stars."

    Year 5- "Amazing year 5 ,well done."

                 " Excellent performance year 5."

                 " Very enjoyable, loved it, well done."

                 " Fantasic, very festive."

    Year 6- " Lovely dose of Xmas cheer."

                 " Fantasic,Christmas has begun! "

                 " Put me in the Xmas mood, thanks."




Enterprise Day December 4th


                                        Reception Comments


"Fantastic, lovely selling, wonderful gifts made. Sir Alan Sugar better watch his back."

"It was lovely to see the children so involved. Great  to get them handling money and taking pride in their work. Well done."

"The children were very helpful and explained how things were made. The items were presented well and were very attractive. My shop assistant was very helpful and polite."


                                      KS 1 Comments

"Some really lovely items that the children have made. They have done very well making everything and lots of effort has gone into it."

"Lovely decorations made by the children and excellent selling."

"Wonderful display of crafts. The children and staff have worked really hard. Lovely experience for the children to have. Hands on 'sales people' taking the money and giving change."


                                       KS 2 Comments

"Very impressive display of produced merchandise. The children were welcoming and fully engaged in retail activities! My children were inspired and motivated by the project and loved serving in the shop. Well done to all."

"Always love coming to the Enterprise Days. The children always do a fantastic job and really seem to enjoy themselves."

"Lovely crafts made by the kids themselves. All were fantastic at selling and working out how much spent and how much change needed."







Parents evenings

"Really impressed with the quality of work and standard of work that is being produced. The displays look fantastic and there is a lovely feel to the environment she works in. I also think the learning lodges are a great idea as this will help create more learning space"


"It has been interesting to see how her work is beautifully laid out in her books, and to see the different things she is working on.She has really enjoyed showing me her work in detail! We are very proud of her"


" I am so proud of the work which both my boys have achieved. The teachers have been amazing in helping them develop and grow in every aspect . I really enjoyed looking round both their classrooms and found their learning environment both stimulating and fun. It looks like a fabulous place to learn. My boys are certainly happy and that makes for a very proud mum!"


"Good clear concise explanation of the curriculum stages. It is positive to know that her teacher has an excellent understanding of her strengths and weaknesses. The standard of work in her books is very good and there is a good range to topics and work, but was already aware of a lot of this thanks to the various activities we are invited to. "

Science Week

"Lovely to be able to join in with the children. They all seemed to have a fantastic time- as did the adults"


"Really lovely to see the children working in their classroom and also parents to be involved . I know my child loved me being there"


"I found the day really interesting. It's a great opportunity to see your child doing their activities. The children were very polite, well mannered and eager to speak about the findings"


"Good fun thank you! I've learnt a lot about volcanoes and I'll try the experiments at home too!"


"The session was very enjoyable for both me and the children. A good investigation and I can't think of any issues that need to be improved"





The things you have said about us.  What is particularly pleasing is that you are picking up on the things that matter to us most: manners, confidence, cooperation, team work, our welcoming atmosphere and ethos, the quality of learning and learning experiences of the children, how polite the children are,  how much kindness and respect they show each other, how well everyone gets on and how approachable we are.  Here are a few of the many comments you made:


“A superb idea!  The children across all year groups were able to confidently explain what they were selling and how it had been made.  Many demonstrated excellent trading skills!  Excellent to see those children in the classrooms engaged with their learning, not distracted by the market.”


“It’s the first time I have been to the Christmas Market – it is fabulous.  The children are very excited.  They are very polite and keen to sell their products.  All the children hoped I didn’t have the right change for my purchases, so they were able to work out how much change to give.  It’s a great learning experience for the children.  Kidgate is a great school and has fabulous staff.  Well done.”


“Fantastic idea and brilliant to visit. We look forward to this event every year. It is so lovely to see all the children so enthusiastic  in their selling and the great products they have made.  Very good learning process for the children too.  Some budding ‘Alan Sugars ‘ of the future.


Year 2 Celebration of Learning

‘It is fantastic to see all of the children enjoying their learning.  We are looking forward to Enterprise Day.’


‘I enjoy coming into school to see what the children have been learning and share their excitement with them.’


‘Lovely to see all of the efforts and results! Children were enthusiastic about topic and learning, i.e. describing shapes, vertices, etc.  Lovely to see the children confident in their learning and sharing.’


‘I really like being able to come into my child’s class and see how he is progressing and how well he mixes with other children.  I think it’s great to see how excited he is about all the projects he’s doing.’


‘I really love coming in and talking to all of the children about what they’ve learnt.  They are so proud, it is an excellent opportunity for them to interact with parents to develop their social skills.  What a wonderful learning environment!’


Year 3 Celebration of Learning

‘Loved the enthusiasm and politeness of the children…they explained what they were doing well. Teachers of the future!’


‘I thought it was beautifully organised, the children knew all about their instruments and were very enthusiastic about all that they had learnt.’


‘The children were very polite and friendly.  They enjoyed explaining all different aspects of Light & Sound.  It was also good that the sound area had different things to make with your child.  Very impressed – It’s a great idea to do these afternoons as a way of finding out what different things they do.’


‘Lovely to see the children demonstrating their learning – they’ve learnt a lot.  Great idea! Nice informal/hands on session. Thanks.’


‘I thought it was great.  I was really impressed with what the children knew.  It was lovely to see the children all so enthusiastic.’


‘What a nice experience, from the incredibly helpful, well-behaved and well informed children, through to the very accommodating staff (who probably deserve a medal!).  Well done all!’