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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Hello and welcome to the Year 3 page!  Our teachers are Miss Morrow and Miss Thorne; our Teaching Assistant for both classes is Mrs Moncaster.  Come and check our page regularly to see our adventures as we begin our KS2 journey.


Key information.

Our PE days are a Tuesday and Wednesday. For this half term, 3M will be going swimming on Tuesday afternoons.

Reading Diaries are checked on a Monday.

We will be visiting the school library on Thursday afternoons.

Spelling and times tables homework with be given out on a Friday, to be tested the following Friday.

We had a great afternoon investigating how magnets work.

What a busy day! To celebrate Sports Relief, we have taken part in lots of different sporting activities including: dance, step counting, yoga, tennis, ultimate frisbee and basketball. We even ran a mile around the running track!

Investigating friction - we found out that friction is a force that slows objects down. It occurs when two surfaces move against one another. We tried to find out why cars travel a shorter distance on rougher surfaces.

To celebrate British Science Week, we invited parents in to help us with a special science investigation. We had to find out how the size of a parachute affects the amount of air resistance acting on it.

Egyptian flatbreads - a very messy way of making something delicious!

Starting off our British Science Week 2018 with Lab Rascals visiting KS2!

We are learning how to multiply two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers in our maths lessons. We have made and drawn arrays to help us to understand the relationships between multiplication and division, and have used place value counters to support us in doing repeated addition.

As part of our topic about Ancient Egypt, we have learnt how to write in hieroglyphs. After a few practises, we were able to write our own names and make a cartouche.

Year 3 have braved the cold weather this week to participate in the RSPB's Big School Birdwatch. We had to be really quiet so that we didn't scare any birds away but were lucky enough to see black headed gulls, woodpigeons, collared doves and blackbirds!

This afternoon, 3M have had a fantastic time creating items that could be found along the River Nile. They have made a range of boats, flowers and shadufs. They particularly enjoyed turning feather boas into flowers and seeing their wonderful creations being added to our mini River Nile on our topic display!

We have been learning how to shade and blend using coloured pencils to show areas of light and shadow. Here are some flowers we drew that grow on and around the River Nile.

Year 3 have had a fantastic day at The Collection in Lincoln; learning more about the Ancient Egyptians and their way of life. We learnt more about how archaeologists do their 'big dig', the mummification process, we acted out the story of Osiris and made a traditional Egyptian paddle doll. What a busy day!

We really enjoyed selling our wonderful products to you on Enterprise Day and are looking forward to deciding how to spend the money we earned later in the year. Thank you!

We have been working hard to prepare for Enterprise Day. We have made balloon string baubles, snowmen and robin pompoms, saltdough decorations, snowmen, Santa and Christmas tree pegs, and finger painted Christmas cards. We have had lots of fun being creative! We also learnt about how to make different amounts of money using a range of coins and notes, and how to find change.

We worked together as a year group to create a hand print wreath for our Remembrance Service.

We worked together as a year group to create a hand print wreath for our Remembrance Service. 1

We have been having fun sharing books with our friends when we visit the library on Tuesdays.

Year 3 Detectives: Shop spotting in Louth! To start our Enterprise topic off, we visited a local shop and asked lots of questions about products, customers and tips on making a good profit! We were detectives; spotting all the different shops in Louth and seeing where they are placed to get the best business!

Henry Moore Sculptures.


In Autumn Term 1, we looked at the human body and how it worked.  Following this, we studied the work of Henry Moore and tried to recreate sculptures in his style using play dough with our learning partners.