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Hello and welcome to the Year 3 page


The Year 3 class teachers are Miss Andrews (Class 3A) and Miss Morrow (Class 3M). Our teaching assistant is Mrs Moncaster who works with both classes throughout the week.  On this page you will be able to find information on the Topics Year 3 are covering each term and view photographs of Year 3 learning. 


General Information

- Both classes have PE on a Thursday and swimming on a Friday

- Spelling test day is on a Monday

- Multiplication test day is on a Friday



On 5th July, we used part of our Enterprise profits to pay for an entertainer to visit. The children had a great time playing party games and dancing. They even got covered in snow!

3M have been sketching portraits of different members of staff in the style of Guisseppe Arcimboldo. Can you work out who we have drawn?

We recently held our exit point for our topic about Ancient Egypt. We invited our families into the classrooms where we sang a song to them and showed them all the work we had produced over the last term. One of the children's favourite activities was teaching their parents how to make a cartouche.

Have a look at our Ancient Egypt models completed as part of a recent homework project. We look forward to sharing these with parents during our Celebration of Learning event at the end of the Spring Term!

Year 3 have spent the afternoon printing. They had to draw their stamp design of an Ancient Egyptian God, make their stamp and then use a roller and paint to print a pattern.

February 2017 - In Year 3, we have been learning about rocks and soils. We looked at different soil samples to see what was similar or different about them. We even put some into water overnight to help us to work out what type of soil it is. The next morning, they looked very different because they had split into layers of sand, silt, clay and organic materials. We have also investigated how strong different types of rocks are and found out how fossils are formed.

Year 3 have taken part in the Big Garden Birdwatch. Mrs Jackson, a scientist, came to help us to identify the birds we saw around school. We had to walk around school very quietly and we were lucky enough to see blackbirds, crows, pigeons and a robin.

January 2017- The Collection School Trip. Linked to our new Spring Term Topic on Ancient Egypt we spent a day at The Collection, in Lincoln, taking part in a number of activities to develop our Ancient Egypt knowledge further. These activities involved acting, becoming archaeologists, craft making and a particular favourite of many of the children- mummification!

Enterprise Day and Christmas Showcase- What a busy but enjoyable December we have had in Year 3! On Thursday afternoon, we prepared our Enterprise stall, ready for our customers and the next day we had a fantastic time selling our products. Today, on December 13th, we then presented our Christmas Showcase to parents and carers. The children performed confidently and with great enthusiasm. Thank you for all your support with these events.

Over the last two weeks, we have been busy preparing for Enterprise day. We have pitched our ideas to our whole class and voted to decide which products we would make. In preparation for Enterprise, we have researched and calculated how much it would cost us to make each of our chosen products, worked in groups to make them and written instructions to explain how to make each item. We have also learnt about the features of persuasive posters and created our own in order to advertise our stall.

Autumn Term 2- On Thursday 3rd November, Year 3 enjoyed a walk around Town as an introduction to their new topic, Young Entrepreneurs. The children were able to identify the different types of businesses in Louth and look at how they are advertised. During the walk, the children were lucky enough to look around MSR Newsgroup and ask one of its employees some questions about running a business. Year 3 found out lots of useful information and after this visit were able to present their Enterprise homework projects, ready for a class vote.

Autumn Term 1- As part of How Our Bodies Work, in Art, the children focused on the work of the sculptor Henry Moore. First they researched his work and then created poses, with a partner, using different parts of their bodies. The children were then able to draw their poses in charcoal and then use pipe cleaners and clay. As you can see, the children did a fantastic job!

How Our Bodies Work- As part of our Autumn Term topic, in Science, we went outside with chalk to label body parts. We then made our own skeleton in the classroom.

Roald Dahl Week- During September, to celebrate the birth of Roald Dahl, 100 years ago, we linked our learning to Roald Dahl's stories and characters. As our class book was George's Marvellous Medicine, we even created our own medicine. Luckily, no one grew through the ceiling! On the last day of learning, the children came dressed up with a costume or prop linked to their favourite story. It was hard to recognise everyone!

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