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‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’

‘Shaping Lives, Building Futures’


A celebration of the learning at home you are doing . . . 
Georgia and her sister doing some Geography.
Amazing artwork, Georgia!
Super fact finding about the U.K too.
Alihan is feeling proud of his maths learning.
More money problems solved by Alihan!
Isla has been working really hard at home.
Ivy loved reading Slime by David Walliams!
Mia has done an incredible piece of writing
Part two of Mia's masterpiece!
Isla was inspired by Jackson Pollock.
Isla found a viking ship on her walk!
Harry searched for interesting leaves at school.
Louis found fruit growing at school!
James started a poster about plants.
Louis can confidently label plants.
Scarlett found beautiful poppies on her walk!
Great penguin, Isla! Well done!
An informative poster about Australia by Isla.
Adam has made a pond in the garden.
Phoenix has been learning about parts of plants.
Sam and Florence have been rhyming word whizzes!
Max typed up his English work. Well done!
Max has built an obstacle course in the garden!
Tilly has learnt about the parts of plants too.
Hermione's Science work about Fossils.
What is different about Hermione? Her hair!
Hermione has learnt about space this week.
Florence and Sam have been busy this week.
Jasmine's face says it all! An experiment!
Jasmine wrote a beautiful letter to her grandma
Rhydian using lego for his Maths
Louis had a film night for Henry's birthday!
Louis has been incredibly busy!
Jake's been busy reading!
Alicia's plan for 'Catch it!'
Mia had a sports day today in the sunshine.
It included a skipping race...
a three-legged race, and much more! It looks fun!
Florence's wonderful holiday poem
Heidi has been super busy this week!
An eye-catching poster, Heidi!
Brilliant work, Heidi!
Louis' brilliant poster!
Lovely work, Louis!
Scarlett found out lots of facts about Rousseau!
Scarlett was inspired to paint like Henri Rousseau
Isla has been painting whilst at school.
Scarlett's version of The Sound Keeper. Well done!
Georgia W has been inspired by nature.
Maisie has been doing lots of craft activities.
Maisie has also been measuring when baking treats!
Super artwork, Evie!
Lucy has been leaf spotting!
Rob Biddulph penguin painting by Rhydian!
Sophie and Abi enjoying the sea!
Georgia's brilliant character description
Georgia the ninja!
Florence and Sam's wonderful biography
Alicia's Rob Biddulph penguin!
Alicia is amazing because...
Georgia is working hard on her Rockstars!
Georgia thinks we should 'Save Our Seas'!
Accurate bar charts, Georgia. Well done!
Holly B's carefully drawn penguins!
Sophie's brilliant Stanley diary entry!
Alfie has done lots of science investigations
Holly has baked delicious carrot cakes!
Holly has been learning about 3D shapes
Holly is planning and writing her own story.
Holly also thinks we should save our seas!
Scarlett's colourful penguin.
Lucy working hard!
Jake's minute Maths
Jake's Stanley diary entry
Tommy has written a biography!
Sam wrote a magnificent diary entry! Well done!
Sam's great turtle drawing.
Detailed instructions in lovely handwriting by Mia
Mia has been to see colourful Koi Carp.
Mia made a fantastic Olympic Torch with her Nanny!
Thoughtful questions for Usain Bolt, Mia!
Rhydian has created a new running machine!
Beautiful drawing of a toucan, Florence!
Holly B's Mad Maths!
Lucy has been working hard at home!
Super work from Lewis
Lewis has taken up a new sport - golf!
Jessica's colourful collage!
Jessica has been very busy at home.
Jessica's made a bird box on top of her playhouse!
Mia has designed a new Olympic swimming costume.
Scarlett is feeling more confident with her times tables.
Sam has been using imperative verbs with his new pen.
Jack has also practised using imperative verbs to be bossy!
There's a new arrival at Tilly's - meet Audrey!
Phoenix has been doing lots of baking recently.
She made gingerbread biscuits.
She's also helped Alexia make tasty pancakes. Yum!
Phoenix is feeling summery.
Jake has been busy this week!
Jasmine's brilliant worry monster
Sophie has been  multiplying!
Sophie's lego Olympic flame!

Our key worker bubble have been very busy learning about Greek mythology.

Alexandra concentrated really hard on her storyboard.
Max thought carefully about how he retold the story.
Felix drew some amazing pictures on his storyboard.

We had a lovely afternoon designing and making Japanese inspired fans. They kept us cool in the warm weather too! We also learnt about the significance of the Olympic flame before making our own Olympic torches.

We have had fun learning about the flags of the different countries that participate in the Olympic Games.

Scarlett's David Attenborough inspired documentary.

Still image for this video
Scarlett learnt a lot about pandas for her documentary. Well done!

Rhydian's amazing video about tigers!

Still image for this video

Sam's fantastic documentary about sea turtles...with a special guest appearance from Florence!

Still image for this video

Florence's fabulous video about toucans!

Still image for this video

Thank you for working so hard!


The Year 3 team