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Welcome to our Year 4 page.  We hope you have had a lovely half term break. The Spring Term, although a short term, was a very busy term. We investigated volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis within our 'Active Planet' topic which really grabbed the children's attention through their destructive power. Thank you to those parents who were able to visit us during our celebration of learning. (images below)


This term we will be looking at the electricity before moving on to our final topic of the Y4 'Treasure'. History is like a jigsaw. The treasures that archaeologists find provide us with some very important pieces that help us to build up a picture of what people and places were like in the past. This topic is based on History and Geography by looking more in depth at what an archaeologist does and why their roles are so valuable. 


You can find out more about what we are learning across the whole curriculum by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page:

Y4's Celebration Of Learning 'Active Planet'

MAGNA Science Adventure Centre

Picture 1 Tabitha excavating some dinosaur fossils.
Picture 2 Our dinosaur home learning projects.
Picture 3 Sunita came to visit and tell us about Diwali.
Picture 4 Enterprise - Diwali tea light holders.
Picture 5 Just putting in the final touches.
Picture 6 "We love getting our hands dirty"
Picture 7 It's not as easy as it looks.
Picture 8 Jasmine re-arranging the human skeleton.
Picture 9 Producing a poster for E-Safety Day.
Picture 10 Producing a poster for E-Safety Day.
Picture 11 Tabitha and Finlay, 4C's School Councillors.
Picture 12 Measuring our heart rate pre and post exercise.
Picture 13 The Human Body Topic - Isobel's heart.
Picture 14 The Human Body Topic - Zac's eye.
Picture 15 The Human Body Topic - Faith's body.
Picture 16 The Human Body Topic - Isobel's stomach and ear.
Picture 17 Teaching our parents about the eye.
Picture 18 Testing our parents knowledge of the human body.
Picture 19 Izzy and Lakeisha explaining about the heart.
Picture 20 Recreating a volcanic eruption.
Picture 21 Darcy ensuring we have a fair test.
Picture 22 Building up our very own volcanoes at MAGNA.
Picture 23 Digging up the earth using a JCB at MAGNA.
Picture 24 Watching the Big Melt at MAGNA.
Picture 25 Water to ice.
Picture 26 Enjoying our Y4 Multi Sports Event
Picture 27 Strike!!!
Picture 28 Eye of the tiger.