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On this page, you will find out about the exciting learning happening in each year group. 

This page will be designed and produced by children from Year 1 to Year 6 who have been selected by their teachers as pupils performing well in ICT. 





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Year 6 Maths Project


Recently, Year 6 have been working on their maths project. They had a big question which was “What is the difference between the area and perimeter of our school playground?” The skills that are needed to conduct this are: Knowledge of area and perimeter, measuring compound shapes, drawing shapes of a given area and perimeter. Yesterday, they set out in groups and measured the playground with trundle wheels. In the end, the perimeter was: 166m and an area of: 1374m₂. Well done Year 6!


By Charlie Mumby, Tahreem and Joe Blair.

School council

A few weeks ago, Mrs Rayner came to our meeting with a large envelope in her hand and inside it there was a big piece of card which had an example of a school library in it. It was made by a company called ‘Book Space’. When we opened the envelope and saw the example of the library it looked fabulous and amazing.


By Jack, India and George

 In year 5 we have been making landmarks. We could make it 3D or a 3D sketch but we had to have some facts about the famous landmark that we made. Here are some famous land marks we had: Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, Leaning Tower of Pisa and North angel.

Here are some examples!


By Jack Bennett and Leon Jones!        

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

People of the past and videos about the past.

In Year 2, we have learnt about people of the past.

We did guess who about old, ancient and famous people from all different countries.

We also looked at a video of Mozart and Edward Jenna.

We also did work about Queen Elisabeth the 1st.

By Harry  Mc and Harry J.

Harry Potter themed day at Louth Library


On Friday the 13th, before half term, Year 6 attended the Louth Library to take part in a Harry Potter themed day. Year 6 were asked to dress up as a character from Harry Potter to really get into it. The two classes took turns to attend the Library. Mrs.Wood's class was present in the morning and Mrs.Hall's class was present in the afternoon. Both the classes took part in numerous activities but first of all they began with a quiz.


For the quiz they were sorted into the four houses that are in Harry Potter: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Using the sorting hat, they placed it on their heads one at a time and the lady from the library picked out the houses that were written on piece of paper. Once the children were put in their houses the quiz commenced. The groups were the tested on their Harry Potter knowledge. It was a matter of who could put their hand up first and answered the question. For every correct answer they earned points. Hufflepuff won the quiz in the morning but in the afternoon when Mrs.Hall's class had a go, Slytherin won.


After the quiz, we all did different activities from word searches to making our own owls and snitches. They all had a go at each activity and were rewarded with a drink and a biscuit.


Overall, both the classes’ really enjoyed the event and hoped to take part in a similar thing again.


By Tahreem, Joe, Oscar

Red nose day


This day is a special day because you wear big fat red noses. At the start of the day we dressed up in funny outfits. We really enjoyed this day!


George and Harry J



Easter is a special time of year because we celebrate Jesus being put on the cross. The Easter bunny gives us 1 Easter egg every year at Easter. At school for Easter, year 2 coloured in Easter cards and coloured in masks. In the Easter story, some nasty people put a thorn crown on Jesus’ head.      


By Kacey and India (Year 2)                                                                            

Picture 1

K.E.V.I.G.S Visit

Recently, Year 6 attended an engaging visit from King Edwards VI Grammar School (KEVIGS) of which involved them receiving a talk from some of the pupils of the school.

All of the studious individuals came equipped with fascinating hand- written letters. Each of them addressed to: teachers, Kidgate pupils, Mrs Roberts or Mr Lascelles. All of them were filled with new information about how they are coping with secondary school life and the amount of homework. All of them included positive and reassuring remarks about the grammar school. Subsequently, Year 6 were able to ask questions about the differences between primary/secondary school.

The afternoon was an overall great success.


By Greg, Charlie and John.