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Welcome Back

Welcome Back What a fantastic first week we have had at Kidgate! All of the children have settled back into school life so quickly and easily, it is like they have never been away. Likewise, our new starters, both in Reception and those who have joined us throughout the school, have also settled well and are quickly getting used to life at Kidgate. I am sure you will all notice tired children at the end of this first full week so I recommend plenty of weekend rest ready to return fully refreshed on Monday. Thank you to those of you who have shown patience whilst we have taken a little longer to get children out to you at the end of the school day. For all our staff there are a lot of new faces to learn and although I am sure it can be frustrating to wait a couple of minutes longer, I would rather my staff made sure every child was with the right adult as they leave the school site. I would like to pass on my appreciation to all parents who have also adjusted well to new routines, procedures, entrances and exits; your cooperation and understanding means a lot to us.